Administering important water quality tests

When it comes to water, you want to ensure that you are dealing with a source, system and storage facilities that are clean and well disinfected. Otherwise you could be opening yourself and others to potentially risky situations.

If you want to test the water quality for a source or body of water that you are going to be dealing with whether it is your water tank, swimming pool etc., there are a number of different quality control tests that you can easily administer.

Most supply and hardware stores will have these strips and testing kits available for you to buy. All you need to do with the strip is to have it submerged into the water for about 10 seconds in around 18 inches of water.

Simply take the strip of the water without shaking any of the water off of it. You will then be able to test for things like chlorine levels, pH, cyanauric acid and the alkalinity. It takes a few seconds for the relevant colours to show up that determines the results.

You will be given instructions alongside the strips that will show the results in a colour coded fashion so you can compare what colour you are seeing on the used strips to determine the various calculations.

When you are dealing with a body of water, especially if chemicals are involved you should take the necessary safety precaution before administering these forms of testing. Make sure that you have read all of the instructions carefully and that you are wearing protective clothing, most particularly gloves and safety glasses and mask to avoid breathing in any vapours.

This test is so easy to administer that you can have an ease of mind within a matter of minutes with regards to the safety levels of a body of water. If there are issues that need to be resolved then you can then take the appropriate steps.

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