Casino slots with water themes

When it comes to online casino slots, there are now thousands of different ones to choose from. You are completely spoilt for choose and it can be hard to pinpoint which ones are worth your time playing. They come in all different shapes and sizes, with different features and rules for different games.

If you are a complete newcomer to the world of online slots, this can be somewhat of an overwhelming experience as you search for a game in which you can play.

Thankfully there are some ways in which you can narrow down the choice, such as the genre of games you want to play, through the technical aspects of a game (i.e. how many reels it has or filter by return to player percentage) or by developer etc. Mr Green has quite some green thinking and focuses a lot on these kind of games as well. Read more about Mr Green here.

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MR Green (they own MRG GARBO)

Mr Green review (GARBO REVIEW)

There are many casino slots now on the market with a water theme and most of them are extremely enjoyable. This is a theme that is close to the hearts of a lot of people who love the water and is a great way to play an enjoyable game that also has a theme that is close to your heart.

Water dragons is a slots game by the folks at IGT and has a Japanese water theme to it. There is upbeat music that plays during your session and the cool backdrop and symbols reflect everything great about Japanese water life.

The amazing graphics contains symbols such as Bonsai trees, dragonflies, water lilies and koi carps to name but a few. It is a well-executed theme and everything has been well rounded off to provide for a great experience.

Crystal Waters is a slot that has an undersea theme and the top quality graphics mimics the seaside environment to a tee. You will be surrounded with all sorts of tropical fish, sea turtles and dolphins. It is a great choice for those players who enjoy themes surrounding goldfish and mermaids.

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